Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Back at Hospital.

I spent the morning at West Middlesex Hospital - most of it outside the door where we waited last week, only then we didn't know there was no one inside.

Like 'Catch 22'

This time I turned up with a shoulder bag, two walking sticks and my broken brace over my shoulder, looking a bit pathetic.

It worked!

The people were really nice and I resolved not to lose my temper......even when it turned out that they had no record of my doctor's referral letter even though I'd left it there a week ago. That means I would never have got an appointment.

Anyway, my new brace is now on order and I'm going back on Thursday.

I still don't actually have an appointment but I'm hoping it will be OK.

Just before I left I took pictures of some David Hockney posters from a 1988 exhibition. This one is very reminiscent of his 1960's swimming pool paintings, all acrylic and very LA.

While this is a lot like recent stuff he has done of Yorkshire, even though it's obviously Tuscany.

This is a nice interior.

Each of these posters is burnt in my mind - they line a corridor I was walking up and down in 2011/13, on my way to getting bad news......in some cases really, really bad news.

So I have mixed feelings about it.

Hockney is a genius, love his stuff and I appreciate some good pictures on a sad wall.

But it brought back some really bad times.

Anyway, with luck, I may get my back stabilised this week.

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