Saturday, 29 October 2016

Sour day.

I'm having a really sour day (Robyn called me a 'Glumpkin' on Facebook and she's right) I've already had to scrub two attempts at the Blog today because they were just too depressing.

We should have gone by coach to Bruges for the day but it's the day after Chemo so I couldn't risk it. These chances don't come along very often and I'm not happy about it.

Although this poem by John Hegley did cheer me up for a moment.

Photo in St. James Park

a hot spring day by the lake
and a young woman and man
probably tourists
possibly Spanish
who wanted a photo of themselves together
handed their camera to someone
almost definitely English
who certain fellow countrymen
might predictably describe
as a very drunken old dosser
but to them he was just a passer by
he accepted the camera
took a long time focusing
and steadying himself
but managed to take the picture
and received genuine gratitude
from the two
who had seen nothing deviant in his behaviour
and would remember him
as a friendly and helpful
English gentleman
if he hadn't fallen into the lake
with their camera

John Hegley

As I said, it made me chuckle.

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