Saturday, 8 October 2016

The Feltham Circles.

Last Monday when we were in Feltham, I couldn't resist a trip to the 'Feltham Circles';

Behind Hanworth Crematorium, you can find the circles by taking one of the paths off Pevensey Road or Hounslow Road.

Years ago these were part of a sewage farm but when it was converted to a nature reserve the concrete outline was left behind and became a place where for thirty years graffiti was tolerated.

Now you can see things like this;

It's a magnet for some of the best graffiti artists in London, the only problem is that the art changes on a daily basis.

So, in the week since I took these pictures, many of these pictures have probably gone.

I was hoping to see a piece by 'Weareskyhigh', which I know went up in July - it's not there any more!

But you can see this;

And we saw this work when we were at Wokingham a fortnight ago;

This was cool;

So was this 'No Frills' piece;

Loved the figure;

It's an amazing place - a constantly moving canvas.

Sometimes it can be infuriating; like when some dumb kid sprays the stoopidest, easiest, pointless tag over something great.

But that's street art.

Sometimes it's a big picture;

Sometimes, if you look carefully, you can see that it's more than the big picture....there's some really interesting detail.

Here that graffiti contained a view of the whole city too;

I liked this;

And this was just the best (for me);

So good I had to post it twice;

While we were there, there was a small audience of dog walkers and passer byes. A couple of artists were working on one of the walls;

I'd like to have stayed to take pictures through the whole process but I wasn't well enough and we had other stuff to do.

I'd also like to have come back in a day or two to get the finished work - but by then it may be gone.....

The circles are a real tourist attraction - free and constantly changing. It's one of very few places where  people can make this style of art without fear of arrest or harassment.

We need to safeguard it and fight for some other walls too.

Neil Harris
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  1. fantastic post thanks for sharing i will need to pop in to see it . Never knew it was there looks very interesting!!!