Sunday, 9 October 2016

Jimmy Hastings being a Cool Cat at The Red Lion.

I am in a truly grumpy mood - I was due to go on a march this morning and I wasn't up to it. I will write it up tomorrow but it's a sad day for me....sat at home when I should have been seeing old friends and supporting a good old cause.

This is by way of a memory from last Monday when we made it to my Jazz club at The Red Lion, Isleworth.

This is Jimmy Hastings and over the years I've been watching him he has been steadily moving up the league table of cool cats;

I really enjoyed McCoy Tyner's 'Passion Dance' and a Kenny Wheeler number (can't read the scribble I wrote on my tissue!).

But the best of all was Sonny Rollin's 'Alfie's Theme', you can hear the long version of it here;

Tell me that isn't the 1960's in 9 minutes?

We also got a taste of the 70's too, with a bit of Jazz flute.

Too good.

Thanks are due (as ever) to Trevor Tomkins on drums who arranges everything, John Horler on Keyboards and Tim Wells on Bass.

It was a perfect evening.

Neil Harris
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