Tuesday, 25 October 2016

A Riddle.

I was the cause of great troubles.

yet, resting amongst leaves.

I did nothing wrong.  

After much waiting I was taken into hand.

passed from one to another.

Broken I moved beyond sharp barriers and was cradled in

wetness, mashed to pulp.

Soon I entered a dark tunnel

where bathed in acids I altered my being.
 But what I entered I also altered,

Bringing light where there had been darkness.

I brought strife where there had been peace,

pain where there had been comfort.

My journey ended in the place of corruption

but by then I had changed the world.

Gerard Benson.

Gerard Benson, apart from being a poet, was jointly responsible for bring poetry onto the Underground - this poem is one of his that also ended up on the trains.

It's also a riddle, fairly easy to work out. If you really have problems get in touch for the solution.

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