Friday, 14 October 2016

Weeeee! I'm back.

This has been a really unpleasant two weeks; my back brace broke and I had yet another dose of chemotherapy. I made a total of 6 visits to Doctors surgery's, hospitals, whatever.

At the beginning I thought I didn't need the brace - after a couple of days it was obvious I did. There was lots of pain, my back was getting worse and there was a real threat that I was going to end up doubled over.

In the end it all worked out - I got a new one and it was fitted properly at West Middlesex where the old one hadn't been.

I came out of the hospital and felt like new!

When I started the Blog I never put pictures of my face up - because I was campaigning hard about the hospital and that nearly always entails doing some things that are not necessarily legal!

So, just for old times sake here's a selfie;

These day's I'm not up to breaking the law any more (Grrrrrh!) so it doesn't matter.

As you can see I'm smiling again, with my new brace;

Possibly even getting a bit above myself;

It's all Robyn's fault, she was taking the pictures;

Many thanks to everyone at 'Surgical Appliances' at West Middlesex Hospital.

Neil Harris
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