Thursday, 13 October 2016

Donald Trump.

Tom Lehrer, the Harvard Professor who had a sideline in performing amusing satirical songs in the 1960's, famously said that satire had become obsolete when the warmonger Henry Kissinger was awarded The Nobel Peace prize.

I realized exactly how he felt today.

I'd intended to do one of my satirical pictures of Donald Trump - what I had in mind was superimposing a picture of him onto a background of missiles, primed and ready to fire. I was having problems finding the right shot and decided to do  something similar but with a backdrop of some giant guns from a battleship.

When I hit Google search I was both amazed and horrified to find that Trump had got there first - of course he had.

You actually can't make fun of the man; his supporters wouldn't get it, he wouldn't get it. He thinks it's OK.

Don't get me wrong, I don't like Hilary Clinton and if I was American I'd be voting for her grudgingly. She isn't going to help working people, she won't stand up for minorities, she will go to war on third world countries and she's the voice of Wall Street.

The problem is Trump - he really is dangerous. He actually means what he says.

If he becomes President he will hurt the poor, benefit the rich.

He will attack Unions, he will put back minorities 50 years to the days of segregation.

I don't think he's really going to build an effective wall between the U.S.A and Mexico but he will encourage prejudice and discrimination against Hispanics and that's even worse.  

He will chose Supreme Court judges who will turn back time.

Where Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama failed to do enough to extend healthcare to the poor, Trump will wipe it out completely.

He is a racist, sexist, bragging, whining, bullying excuse of a man.

He actually has to defend a civil suit alleging statutory rape with a pre-trial review coming up in December.

He is facing allegations of fraud and improper business practise.

He inherited vast wealth and has still been through bankruptcy proceedings. 

I am convinced that one of the reasons he is standing for President is to gain immunity from prosecution.

Above all, as an outsider looking in to America; he is really, really dangerous. He will go to war on a whim.

Most importantly of all, whenever Trump is rude or bullying or disparaging of Clinton, remember this; he doesn't have any problem getting his supporters out to vote they are voting for him anyway, whatever he does. 

His only hope is to persuade his opponents that there is no point in turning out to vote for Clinton.

That's his game plan.

So, to anyone in America who is reading this I'm asking you to hold your nose and vote for Hilary.

Don't let him get away with it.

Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)
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