Thursday, 6 October 2016

It's a kind of magic; Freddie Mercury in Feltham.

We went to Feltham to do a tour of the Freddie Mercury sites - Robyn is a big fan of 'Queen'.

Last month, his 'Blue Plaque' was unveiled by English Heritage on Gladstone Avenue and here it is;

Two years ago on our second night out, I took Robyn to see Freddie's house but fairly soon I had doubts about whether I had got it right or not. I'd looked it up on the internet and you can never be too sure.

So, when the plaque was unveiled we had to go back.

Freddie Mercury escaped from Feltham fairly soon but the family stayed on. Mrs Bulsara was very well known in the town and was seen most days walking to the high street for their shopping, well into her 90's.

Feltham wasn't a particularly tolerant place back then and the Bulsara family didn't have it easy when they arrived as refugees.

I can't imagine that Freddie's flamboyance fitted in too well either!

But now they are, rightly, honoured as Feltham's most famous family.

And in addition to the Blue Plaque there is a commemorative tree on the High Street;

So we checked that out too.

It's a kind of magic.

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