Thursday, 20 October 2016

Slough's enchanted forest.

We were in Slough last night and so we stopped off near the station to take some pictures of the graffiti.

I have to apologise for the quality of the photos - we had to go at night because it's really hard to park nearby in the day time - but I think you can get an idea what it was like.

The developers of 'The Porter Building, Landid Property and Brockton capital, hired 'Global Street Art' to put some decoration on the hoardings. The brief was to create an 'Enchanted Forest' in Slough.

I think they did quite well, really;

The artists who did the work are; Astek, Zadok, Busk, Oliver, Switch, Hicks, Spore, SkyHigh and Trafik.

I'm biased, I really like the work of 'SkyHigh';

You can find them on the net as 'weareskyhigh'.

I liked this tag too;

I think I prefer the tags to the forest, but that's just me. It's pretty good;

There was a white rabbit which didn't do so well when I took a picture of it and this fairy;

I liked this a lot;

You can catch the pictures on the hoardings opposite Slough Railway Station and they'll be there as long as the building work takes or until someone else writes over it.

You know (and you'll hate me for saying this) I think I prefer it when street art is actually illegal - there's more edge, more risk.

But that's just me!

Of course, it's great when anyone actually supports this stuff.

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