Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Carters Steam Fair 2016.

My broken back brace has become a real saga, which is likely to take weeks to sort out now.

As a result, we went out to see Carters Steam Fair on Saturday, come what may.

I must admit that with an army of over excited and unruly teenagers running all around me, I felt very vulnerable - dreading someone bumping into me and hurting my back.

All the same, we loved the Saturday night fireworks and who could not resist this sight?

It's an inferno of steam and electricity - from a time when this was all new and very exciting.

It still is a bit exciting.

The fair was created by John and Anna Carter as they rescued and restored long forgotten fairground attractions, starting in the 1970's.

As a result, their fair (Joby Carter is running it now) is something of an artwork, not least because of the quality of the signwriting.

I've written about the fair before, so this time I've concentrated on The Ghost Train because the artwork was quite exceptional;

Plenty of thrills and spills;

Ghouls and ghosties;

Joby Carter now offers Signwriting courses and if I was in better health I would have liked to have done that.

There is a very strong 1960's cartoon feel to these illustrations, which is probably why I liked them - Robyn had to drag me away in the end.

No "Goulash" for me today, thank you;

These customers certainly enjoyed the ride;

There are some amazing rides - the 100 year old Steam Yachts, the Dodgems, and this favourite....the roundabout;

Lovingly restored with it's own steam engine and Gavioli steam organ.

A real pleasure even if it was very painful.

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