Friday, 31 January 2014

Flooding at Wraysbury and Staines 2014 2.0

This is the flood alert from The Environment Agency issued at 1830 hrs, then shortly afterwards we then got the second alert to confirm that The River Colne had flooded at Colnebrook.


A Flood Alert has been issued by the Environment Agency for the Colne Brook at Iver and Colnbrook.

Flooding is possible for The Colne Brook at Iver and Colnbrook including Fulmer tonight.

Low lying land and roads will be affected first.

Be prepared to protect yourself, family, pets and property.

River levels have continued to rise on the Colnebrook, following the rainfall this afternoon.

Flooding to low lying land and gardens has been reported in Colnbrook, and our staff are checking the area for any obstructions in the watercourses. Surface water flooding can also be expected in some locations.

The rain is expected to continue through the night, with patchy showers forecast for Saturday.

We shall continue to monitor the situation overnight, and will update this alert in the morning, or if the situation changes.

Subject to how much water escapes into the local area, the rest will move down the watercourses to Wraysbury –  by Saturday lunchtime, I'd guess.

This morning (Friday) I went to Staines; the Floodmarker on The Colne where it meets The Thames was at 2 feet above normal which means there is still quite a long way to go.

Here is the Thames at The Lammas park;

The River bank is by the submerged fence on the left.

And here's the river at Staines.


On the edge of overflowing.
It’s raining now with an Inch and a half due to fall over night. Meanwhile the ground is still saturated from last time. The Thames was moving fast and steadily, heavy with silt,
Confused fish were jumping out of the water to try to work out where they were.

Should be fun!

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)
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