Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year's Eve with the SkaSouls..


Strangely, I found I was well enough to go out on New Year’s Eve after all, even though Elaine who organises the music at The Egham and District Social Club took one horrified look at me as I came in and offered to get me a chair. That wasn’t quite the image I was aiming for.

Now here’s a tattoo I’m a little envious of - Trojan records;


Does that give you any kind of a clue as to how I was spending my New Year’s Eve? How about this?

This fine feather cut hairstyle is being modelled by Tina who provided guest vocals for part of the evening, and is branching out into a new Two-Tone band I’ll have to look out for.

It wasn’t just music;

There was dancing too;

Even a fez or two;


So Bob Marley, Two-Tone, Desmond Dekker, Symarip, Toots; it all adds up to The SkaSouls.

I left after dancing until 1-00 am, a really nice atmosphere, friendly people and good sounds. I didn't get arrested or end up at Accident and Emergency, so it has to be a good start to a tough year and that means another success notched up (at enormous expense) by ‘The Cancer Drug Fund’. Just thought you ought to know that because this New Year’s Eve was a big deal for me.

Thanks, SkaSouls. I hope to see you in 2014.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


  1. Trojan tattoo done at SK7 in Bagshot. Tina's feather cut done at SK7 Bagshot

    1. Many thanks Gary, I've been admiring SK7's fine handywork for a while now.

      I haven't been able do a link to this here, but if you cut 'n paste it you'll see what I mean.

      All the best