Friday, 24 January 2014

Hold on, we are off!

I’m not waiting for February;


 January, sick and tired, you've been hanging on me

 You make me sad with your eyes

 You're telling me lies

 Don't go, don't go


 January, don't be cold, don't be angry to me

 You make me sad come and see

 Oh January

 Don't go, don't go


I can’t remember which band sung that old one but it captures the ambiguity I feel about this month. I can’t stand it but I really don’t want it to end.

So I’m starting another ‘tour’ to cheer myself up;


Hey guy’s it’s the;

Call me an Ambulance!

I’m ready t0 g0 h0me n0w T0ur

And in case this is new to you, it means I’ll be embarking on a rampage through the world of live music (at least, local to me that is).

Starting tomorrow with Stanley Dee and ending on the 15th of February at The Hob (The Hobgoblin, Staines) where the wild and raucus ‘No Lip’, a ruff, tuff and dangerous punk band will be blasting out over their home turf. If you search on Youtube or on the bands own website you can hear their versions of The Clash, The Ruts and The Damned. Did someone set that up for me specially?

On the way will be ‘Lord John’ at The Egham and District Social Club giving the classic 1960’s Mod bands a workout, making a nod to the 1970’s and The Jam and another one to Blur and Oasis. Parklife -WOW!

Then, if I can fit them in there are ‘The Highs’ with their excellent homage to the 1960’s greats and possibly even ‘The Sounds of the Suburbs’ who play a range of Punk leaning towards New Wave. ‘The Members’ were another local band, famous for their 1978 number ‘The Sound of the Suburbs’. Believe it or not, they are appearing at ‘The Horns’ in Watford in the near future.

There’ll be Jazz and the blues (remember ‘Al the Hat’ on blues harp?). How good can it get?

Hold on tight.

This is not for those faint of heart or squeamish, this is my;

Call me an Ambulance!

I’m ready t0 g0 h0me n0w T0ur


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


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