Thursday, 9 January 2014

We're not going to make it chaps.

Ok chaps, we may not be coming back from this one.

Thursday morning and Old Windsor on the opposite bank of the Thames to us is flooded as is Runnymede and the Runnymede Hotel. The road has been shut by Police.

Ankerwycke is flooded, the waters are now about 1500 metres away from us and rising. The stream across the road has burst its banks.

Still, I've seen it higher and this morning it is dry and bright but I would estimate there are two days worth of water coming down stream.

You should have opened the lock gates when I told you too, guys.

My survival kit is this laptop, the dongle and my medication which is so expensive and hard to get that from now on it has to go where I go.
This afternoon I was going to see my mum in Hospital and then go shopping - that's a gamble - will I be able to get back?

Neil Harris

(a don't stop till it's chest high production)

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