Saturday, 11 January 2014

Saturday 11th January - flooding at Staines

1700 hours.

There's a different feel to the air, compared to last night when it was raining and miserable. There are streaks of cloud, lit red by the setting sun. "Red sky at night, Shepperds delight".

Today has been bright, sunny and all the world has brought their kids out to see the floods.
We feel a bit like native Americans on a reservation, a tourist attraction.

The Datchet road is still shut.

The sewage system on Coppermill road has failed; Tankers are pumping it out 24 hours a day to keep it working.

But look at this;

The Flood Marker for The River Colne at Staines, just before it joins The Thames has only risen 2 inches in the last 27 hours. Up to now it has been rising by 6 inches a day.

If there is no more rain and nothing more coming down the river, we will be OK.

Neil Harris

(a don't stop till it's chest high production)

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