Saturday, 11 January 2014

Midnight update - floods at Wraysbury


Of course, it had to rain. It’s 1230 and I’m reviewing my day.

First of all, those two big fat F@#k off Cuban Cigars I was saving for a couple of landmark stages in my illness? Not yet smoked ‘em yet but its getting closer.

After a pleasant morning wandering around Staines for my last entry, I drove to see my Mum. Remember the road where I had to drive through the water yesterday? The police have closed it.

I tried driving around the back of it but as you can see they were shutting off that road as well, at Horton, just as I got there:
That means one of the three roads in and out is shut, the other two are OK for the moment.

The little river that goes through the middle of Wraysbury has burst its banks there and has flooded all the meadows on the opposite side of the road from us although the water is still a way away. Across the road from us, it’s more like a small stream and where it passes under a bridge it’s over the arch and about 6 inches under the road itself. There are puddles everywhere.

The lakes (flooded gravel pit workings) are higher than I have ever seen them. The water level there is actually the height of the underlying ground water level; the flooded River Colne passes through the complex dumping part of its load but those waters can’t drain into the Thames anymore because that’s flooded.

The Thames is now nearer to our house (bungalow) by about 20 or 30 yards.


Did I mention I went to Tesco’s too? I’m getting a bit tired and I got rained on tonight but so far I’m still OK and lots of people here aren’t.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till it’s chest high production)


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