Sunday, 5 January 2014

Coming at me from both sides.

OK, now the flood warning for the Thames has been joined by a flood warning for the river Colne, which runs parallel to the Thames before joining it at Staines. The water is coming at me from both sides.

Saturday morning I went to Staines (Debenhams, remember?) and took a walk along the riverbank. Here’s the level of the water at Lammas Park

It’s over the bank but not yet high enough to flood houses. The river bank is where the small fence is.

However, give it some time, it rained all day today and the rain from 2 or 3 days ago is flowing down the river to join it.

When I said the water was coming from two sides, actually it’s worse than that.

Some years ago to save the wealthy parasites living further up river from flooding, they built ‘The Jubilee Canal’, to funnel water away from flood points up stream to send the river down here to us. Thanks for that.

Anyway, I was buying trousers for my Mum. That’s my 94 year old Mum who has never worn trousers before in her life. Ah well, why not. The problem is I have no idea what she wants and neither does she. So I'm drifting from one ladies clothes shop to another.

As I was saying to the shop assistants, these aren’t for me – I prefer a bit more bling, some more sequins.

None of which has been cheering me up – and even alcohol isn’t working. That’s worrying.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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