Saturday, 18 January 2014

Dough boy.

I think you’ve got the message that things have been getting me down.

It’s blue January.

It just never stops raining - all last night, all day today – gulp?

And today I had to get up before dawn because I had to go to the Doctor’s for a little procedure. That means leaving home before 8 am to make sure I get through the rush hour, because of course, looking after my Mum means I am now miles and miles away from my Doctor.

It wasn’t a problem, except recently I’d had a bad reaction to my injections, so next week could well be interesting.

Then after a long hard day when I was tired out and for no obvious reason, I decided to bake bread in the evening. I also had the bright idea to alter Delia Smith’s recipe. What does she know anyway?

As I only had one proper bread tin, I decided to reduce the amount of flour. What I forgot was that I should have also reduced the amount of water. As a result I glued my hands to the breadboard, in some strange homage to Spiderman.




Did I give up? No wayaay. Does a Spiderperson climb buildings? (only when s/he alters Delia's recipe)

So, for the special one who phoned me while I was all glued up and then when I was going to backslide challenged me to post a photo of the shameful outcome, here it is;
If you look carefully at Delia's book, you can see the steam coming off the freshly cut bread. Notice the slowly melting butter?

Now where did I put that lager?

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)



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