Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Another Fighting February? Bring it on.

It’s that time again – ‘Fighting February’. At least that’s what it was last year.

The last ‘good’ medication had just failed, I was about to start a real pig of a pill which pushed me into treacleworld, where everything took three times as long as it should have done. It only worked for ten months anyway. I had cosmetic radiation therapy and family problems that made everything else look trivial.

I came out fighting and had a fantastic year. Did some really great things.

Now it’s all different but February is going to be a fight this year as well.

Yesterday (it’s midnight now) I went to Charing Cross for my clinic. My medication is complicated but I had to wait two hours at Lloyds Pharmacy (this private company has taken over from the old NHS pharmacy) slowly dying.

I got out in time for the rush hour and stood all the way back in the tube, staggered to my car and then got stuck in the rush hour traffic. I got home at 7-20 pm. I left at 1-00pm.


I had something to eat and slumped in front of the TV watching rubbish when I should have been clearing up or doing something that mattered.

All I can say is that January still sucks.

Floods, ill, no music, no brain, hospital everyday (if it’s not one it’s another), social workers and now it’s foggy.

So come on Fighting February do your worst!

I’ve got plans – you will be surprised.

I’m up for it.


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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