Saturday, 11 January 2014

Wraysbury in flood 11th January.

I got up late this morning – not so well and a bit sombre as tonight I have to try to get to a memorial meeting for a good comrade, Dolly Schaer who died last summer. She was the 'Dolly' in 'Dancing in the kitchen with Dolly'.

Dancing in the kitchen with Dolly
So, taking it easy I walked into the village to take a look at what I saw in the gloom of yesterday afternoon;

This is the village splash (a ford before they built the bridge) and here is a picture from last August looking back from the other side, when we had a drought.


 This is the village green and the Cricket pavilion;


 And here’s last August;

This is the view from our bridge over the dried out stream bed last summer;

This was this morning;


Our house is further down stream and to the left. I was chatting with the Garage guys – the Jubilee Canal which was designed to send Maidenhead’s floodwaters downstream to us is at full capacity and they are starting to flood now. Those waters will come down to us in 3 or 4 days time.

The locks still haven’t been opened and that should have happened before now, to take the pressure off us up here.

There are high tidal surges predicted and that may mean the Thames Barrier may have to be closed. The Thames is tidal at London, if the barrier shuts then these flood waters can’t drain off.

I still have the two big fat F@#k off Cuban cigars and intend to be on the news being helicoptered off the roof with the last Cuban smoldering angrily in my mouth.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till it’s chest high production)

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