Friday, 10 January 2014

Friday 10th January - the floods at Staines and Wraysbury.

You had the midnight report – now it’s Friday morning; The Dawn Patrol.

At the mouth of the River Colne, the flood marker shows it is 6 inches higher than this time yesterday;

And here is the Thames at Staines;

The Colne has lost the battle with the Thames which slipped around the side and took it over.

The two cars parked at this side of The Lammas? Only one got away.


This is Ankerwycke where I can’t pace it out any more as Magna Carta lane is more flooded than it was although the fields are not too much worse.


 Lots of heavy machinery from ‘Thames Water’ but as I said to one of the drivers – “you may need a couple more tankers for this lot”.


Unfortunately, rain is forecast for today!

This is the frontline;



Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till it’s chest high production)

Wish me luck!


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