Thursday, 9 January 2014

Flooding update for the River Thames at Laleham and Staines

Wednesday morning and when I headed through Staines the flood mark was six inches higher than it was the day before. Gulp!

Here is Lammas Park with much more water and a lot of sqauking Seagulls sheltering on the new lake.

This is the lane I showed on Tuesday which has now been closed by the Police. We all normally park there for free, so these two drivers were hoping for the best today:

I drove to Laleham for a walk along the River path but it was flooded in many places – you needed a bicycle and wellington boots to get through which I didn’t have.

These are the static mobile homes at Penton, which have been flooded;


All that’s left is the flag!

I couldn’t get near the lock but could see that it wasn’t opened yet – they already have flooding downstream and don’t want to make it worse. They are gambling that upstream will be OK. I hope they are right.

Meanwhile in the afternoon I was phoned by Social Services who were checking who would need to be evacuated if there was a flood. As my Mum’s still in hospital she will be OK and I’m not vulnerable enough to be helped!


Then in the evening I got the phone call from The Environment Agency - imminent flooding expected. I had a drink and went to bed. Where we are we usually get a day or so before any waters reach us. It rained all night but clear skies are forecast for a couple of days.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till the water is chest high production)

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  1. Went to Jo,s house Tuesday then the water was 2 foot away from her patio doors dont know whats happened since must get out and take some pictures like you . your photos are great.